Wednesday, January 30, 2008

more work

even gabriel gets in on the action.

working on the stem wall

a more comprehensive picture of what we are doing. this is a ton of work


gordon fry, from northern california. he has been here for the last 2 weeks or so. he is resting on the earthbag stemwall. these bags are sitting on ground level, right over the rubble trench. they are rice bags, filled with the same dirt excavated from the trench, mixed with 10% cement to stabilize the dirt and 20% water, then filled the bags, fold the bags shut and tamped into place. to lock the bags together on the horizontal surface we laid 2 rows of barbed wire to stop them from shifting.


olliver adams, "ollie" from london, he has been here for the last week or so. he is sitting above the rock "keys" to lock the stem wall to the future cob wall

sauna foundation

above photo is gabriel helping digging out the sauna foundation. this is made from cement bricks with lime/cement/sand morter. i did this to have smaller walls, for both the sauna and toilet area. for the rest of the house i used earthbag foundation.

you can see my first mistake here. i did not dig out the subfloor first. i then had to do it carefully when the stemwalls were there

filling the rubble trench

above photo is the foundation excavation. inside is a long piece filter fabric that is covering a three pieces of 2" inside diameter black tube made from HDPE, i drilled 1/2" holes into the tube almost everywhere to let rainwater flow through and out of the foundation

above photo is me filling the trench with large stones. i then covered this with small stones to the top


collecting/harvesting stones by the creekside to fill the rubble trench for foundation drainage