Thursday, September 27, 2007

first post

baby primavera and roble trees

last monday we acquired 100 trees free of charge from the state nursery to help reforest and rehabilitate our land and stream. our treasure now sits at

24 primavera's and roble's; these trees could somewhat resemble a common maple tree. they flower yellow and pink respectively and are deciduous.
25 montezuma cypress's (savino). these trees can grow to be some of the largest in the world and can live 3000 years or more. they are specifically to be planted next to our stream to prevent erosion
10 white cedars
10 common oaxacan pine
5 eucalyptus
2 native oak's which i plucked from the mountains above us, i plan to plant these on the stream as well, they seem to do really well and prevent errosion
3 floss silk's (known as Pochote or Ceiba here)
25 more misc. please reply if you are interested in knowing the names as most are hard to pronounce and are indigenous names

i replanted all the savino's into large plastic bag planters to let them grow more and have more of a chance next rainy season.

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