Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wooden shed

at 7am we started hauling the wooden beams up to the top most part of the land and built in 2 hours what you see here. underneath this future structure is our current 2500 gallon water cistern.
*note, all our water pressure is gravity fed*
i plan on building a ferrocement cistern on the roof of this future shed. this will be a small tank, about 50 gallons and it will only be used for water in the high part, as the current cistern is lower and cannot water anything above it.
inside i will store garden tools.
i still need to place some large 45° cross supports, and ceiling beams. i hopefully can buy some wood for this in the afternoon.
lots of mistakes were made this morning, its definetly not square, but... the walls will be made from caryso, a type of light weight and weak bamboo, so it will flex enought to the non square beams. the roof will be 1" thick styrofoam with a metal grid on top and bottom of the styrofoam, with a cement layer applied to the top and bottom. here are two links to see what i mean, example 1 and example 2. the ferrocement tank on top of this will be cast together with the cement/styrofoam roof
i am thinking of making 2 doors, one a little little round hobbit door that will open to the street and hardly be used. another normal big door that will open into our yard

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