Saturday, May 23, 2009

Month of May, various photos

below, ariel view from neighbors land

below: above brick house will be more house, we are building now

below: subsurface infiltrator of our laundry water, opened for inspection
working great after one year and perfectly clean, this means that the
avocado tree roots are eating all the linty junk!

below: new planting, the black circles are shallots. the round red
brick has ginger root planted it in. far right is a spaghetti squash

13 levels high now. it will be covered to be the garage.

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Anonymous said...

I am loving seeing your house and garden! It is so inspiring and everything is so beautifully curvy. I have been interested in Earthship and cob construction ever since I first read about them. Thank you so much for publishing this blog! I can't wait to see more. - Rachel B.