Monday, June 25, 2012

Cob Wall in a small oaxacan village

Lime Mortared Stone Foundation.
100% Cob and cordwood (hidden) wall.
2 feet Thick and 6 Feet High.
Baked Adobe Spanish Tiles.


Peter said...

Hello Mark
I am really impressed by all your work. At present I am in Oaxaca de Juarez looking for a place to retire. Living in a cob house is a dream of mine. Would it be possible to meet you in San Augustin Etla to talk about the possibilities of building a (small) cob house?
Looking forward to see you.
peter.kaess (at)

Calypso said...

Hey Mark - GREAT WALL! We will be heading to our casa in Puerto Escondido for the winter in a few days. Hope to stop by one day to meet up.


Anonymous said...

thanks John, the wall is near Puerto..... cant say where.... come visit anytime, Marcos